BBB goes to Charivarue Festival in Rennes, France

Balkans Beyond Borders participated with its films at Charivarue Festival in Rennes, France on 12 of April. Charivarue is a cultural and artistic festival, a student project which aspires to move out the Art from the traditional places into the city. During the day several “cultural breaks” were be offered to the citizens of Rennes in order to show that art can be found in alternative places such as in the streets. People of Rennes had the chance to enjoy artistic events everywhere in the city: Performers, Painters and Graffiti artists…Dancers.. Storytellers, Musicians…and of course Short-films filled the city.

Thanks to the collaboration with Balkans Beyond Borders the Charivarue Festival offered a Balkan cultural break into the Breton city! The audience was excited with the Balkan films that were projected and wanted to learn more about the BBB Short Film Festival.

Five short-films coming from the previous BBB annual festivals were selected for Charivarue in order to show, each one of them with different genre and field, a way out of traditional frameworks and frontiers.

During all the afternoon the selected short-films were projected at the Cridev(Documentation centre for international solidarity – )

The films:

–          Reinventing bridges in the Balkans: a walk in Athens, No signal Team, Greece

–          RF, Stavros Liokalos, Greece

–          Game over, Paris El-Said, Cyprus

–          Botev is an Idiot, DeyanBararev, Bulgaria

–          Rainbow , Alexandra Suta, Romania