BBB meets the Cine-Balkan Females

30 0ctober 2021 

“BBB meets the Cine-Balkan Females”

A parallel activity of 12th Edition BBB Short Film Festival


Round table “BBB meets the Cine-Balkan Females” is a public open event that intends to point out the challenges women face in the cinema field, focused on women from the Balkan region. The round table will take place at Kino Armata, on Saturday 30 of October, 11:00-13:00.

Vjosa Berisha, Festival Director of the Pristina International Film Festival, will moderate the discussion panel with acclaimed professionals of the film sector, Burcu Biricik, Turkish actress, Luana Bajrami, French actress/director from Kosovo, Zana Hoxha, theatre director / director and founder of Artpolis and FemArt, and Dina Duma, director from North Macedonia.

In this networking and experience sharing activity, women with different proficiencies in the cultural and cinema industry are invited to share their views and stories.

The goal of the activity is to set the basis of an open, inclusive platform in the Balkan region consisting of women working in the cultural sector and start an open dialogue on gender inequality. “BBB meets the Cine-Balkan Females” tangibly helps to tackle gender stereotypes. The audience will have the opportunity to walk through the women’s professional experiences and actively participate in the discussion.

In this context, it is highly important to discuss the glass ceiling, gender equality and discrimination. Sharing experiences and practices is a way to tackle gender stereotypes and support female artists and professionals.