BBB in the neighborhood vol 4: Stories from Pagkrati and Agios Artemios, Athens

In the framework of the “Culture in the Neighborhoods” program, an initiative of the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Culture Net, the twice-awarded from Europe Organization, Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) inspires the neighborhood as an integral part of the city and creates an interactive multimedia map with experiential stories and cultural paths. “Balkans Beyond Borders in the Neighborhood: Stories from Pagrati and Agios Artemios” project will take place in March.

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Participants will have the opportunity to discover and create their own path in Pagrati and Agios Artemios acting as street bloggers. Throughout the program they will gain basic skills in recording and storytelling methods, they will gain basic knowledge of photography, video or other multi-storytelling techniques, and will be inspired by discussions on neighborhood identity, today’s challenges and future ones. Real stories are around us. Let’s discover them so that we can learn more!

At the end of the program an integrated interactive map different from the others will be created based on the routes and will be presented at an open event at the Goulandris Museum on Saturday, March 28 at 1:00 pm. Then all routes will be hosted on the websites of Athens Culture Net and Balkans Beyond Borders enabling future users to follow them.

BBB in the neighborhood is part of a broader action scheme of the organization aiming at interconnecting residents and promoting the cultural and unique identity of each neighborhood. Neighborhood actions combine artistic creation and socio-political dialogue. In the past, actions have taken place both in Greece and abroad, in cooperation with urban local authorities.

Applications are open until 28/2. The final selection will be a result from the evaluation of applications with a final number of up to 30 participants or groups.



Activities programme of BBB in the neighborhood

March 7 2020:

Experiential creative workshop for the development of basic theoretical skills

  • Introductory presentation of the action, getting to know with the participants
  • Introduction to the basic concepts of identity, cultural history and other approaches through creative activities.
  • Introduction to storytelling and street blogging techniques.

Time: 10:00-13:00

Location: Skrow Theater, Archelaou 5, Pagrati


March 8 2020:

Workshop for developing technical skills in street video, photography, sound recording and storytelling.

Time: 11:00-14:00

Location: Skrow Theater, Archelaou 5, Pagrati


March 15 2020:

Meeting of participants for the progress of their projects production and participation in an experiential workshop for developing their pitching and presentation skills. The participants will present the progress of their work and will have the opportunity to receive technical and consulting support from the BBB team and partners.

Time: 11:00-14:00

Location: Skrow Theater, Archelaou 5, Pagrati


March 22 2020

Projects submission – deadline

March 28 2020

Open Event Presentation of Produced Works and Debates on ‘Neighborhoods Today – Culture, Development and Adaptation to the 21st Century’

Time: 13.00

Location: Museum of Goulandri Auditorium, Eratosthenous 13, Pagrati


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