BBB Theme 2018

Societies on Sharing (S.O.S.)

 Sharing is …

When you give your food to a person in need

When elderly people pass their experience to younger generations

When a collector takes an old abandoned chair from the street and reuses the material

When you express a feeling of yours to a friend and you create a smile or a tear on his/her face

When your empty refreshment drink can become a new one if you recycle it

When diverse people from different cultures live together in a new place and make it a new home

When your project is funded by single persons around the globe just because they believe in your idea

When people with their actions give voice to those who have been “unseen”, to stories that have been “untold”, to cultures that have been “invisible”

When a part of your body finds a new hosting body to live in


Sharing increases trust. Sharing means you’re not alone. Sharing makes life real. Sharing means caring, sharing offers sustainability and it can be found in all aspects of life: education, entrepreneurship, economy, culture, environment, relationships, communities, heritage,etc


It is S.O.S for our society to realize the advantages of sharing

Shall we all turn our mood on “sharing” mode?

It is time for you to share with us your “sharing inspired” film until 20 of June 2018.