Break Off


Break off is a story about Zeliha, mother of two children, is a poor laborer who works in a steel saucepan factory. One day, she is fired as an unexpected moment. While she is attempting to find a new job, she also searches for a solution in order to prevent children noticing this situation. A solution created by her, shows the deadlock condition as a result of poverty.

Film Participations Awards


15th International Workers’ Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey/ May 5, 2020)-Turkey Premier Screening Selection




23rd Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival (Ankara, Turkey/ May 10, 2020) – Screening Selection




6th Marmaris Short Film Festival (Marmaris, Turkey) – Screening Selection




2nd Directed By Women Turkey Short Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)– Screening Selection




21nd Izmir Short Film Festival (Izmir, Turkey) – Screening Selection




7th Uşak Winged Seahorse Short Film Festival (Uşak, Turkey)-Best Makeup Award




8th Kayseri Film Festival (Kayseri, Turkey)-Best Film




8th Seattle Turkish Film Festival (Seattle, Washington State, United States)-1nd Runner Up Award




SETEM Academy BAK Awards (Istanbul, Turkey)-Special Jury Award, Best Editing Award, Best Actress Award




Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (Clermont-Ferrand, France)-Finalist




7th Vancouver Turkish Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada)-Finalist




3rd Friendship Short Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)-Screening Selection
4th Beautiful Ordu Short Film Competition (Ordu, Turkey)-First Prize

Directed by

Öykü Orhan

Country of Origin




Production year



18 min