Butterfly & Mouse

Animation, Drama, Adventure


People often say, “This one has a lion’s heart, and that one – a rabbit’s”.
Some hide lions in their chests, other ones – rabbits, yet others – mice. There are also those who wouldn’t dare face their inner spirit animal. What could happen to someone so very afraid of seeing what he carries within.
A short jazzy film about the fears that obstruct man’s way to himself and to others.

Film Participations Awards

Sofia International Film Festival – Jameson Shorts Competition (Sofia, Bulgaria/ March 13, 2019, World Premiere)– Official Selection

DaKINO International Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania)– Official Selection

Athens Animfest 2019 (Athens, Greece)– Official Selection  



Global India International Film Festival

Pune (India/ March 23, 2019)- Best Animated Short Film Award


Ismailia International Film Festival (Giza, Egypt)– Official Selection

Lisbon Film Rendezvous (Lisbon, Portugal) -Official Selection

Newlyn Film Festival (Bristol, United Kingdom) -Best Animation Award 


INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL GOLDEN KUKER – SOFIA (Sofia, Bulgaria)- Special Prize Proyko Proykov for Best Animation Film

London X4 – Seasonal Short Film Festival (London, United Kingdom)- Special Mention


Rome Prisma Independent Film Festival (Rome, Italy)– Official Selection

Prokuplje Film Festival ProFiFest (Prokuplje, Serbia)– Official Selection

Tracce Cinematografiche Film Fest (Roma, Italy)– Official Selection

Cefalù film festival (Palermo, Italy)– Official Selection 

Azores Fringe Festival (Azores, Portugal)– Official Selection

Kinolikbez (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation)– Official Selection

Dumbo Film Festival (New York, United States)– Official Selection

ANIMANIMA Festival (Cacak, Serbia)- non competitive program

MINIKINO FILM WEEK, Bali IFF (Bali, Indonesia)- Official Selection

Corto e a capo – Daena anima e immagine (Venticano, Italy)- Official Selection 

Cartoon Club (Rimini, Italy) Official Selection

World Festival of Animated Film Varna (Varna, Bulgaria)- Official Selection 

Chania Film Festival and Chania Film Festival Edu (Chania, Greece)– Official Selection

Cinemaway (Lviv, Ukraine) Official Selection


Madrid Film Festival FCM – PNR (Madrid, Spain, section “New International Filmmakers”)- Official Selection

SHORTS MEXICO International Shorts Film Festival (‎Mexico City, Mexico)- Official Selection


Linz International Short Film Festival (Linz, Austria)– Official Selection

VILLAMMARE Film Festival (Salerno, Italy)– Official Selection 

Corti in Cortile, il cinema in breve (Catania, Italy)– Official Selection

Athens Marathon Film Festival (Athens, Greece)– Official Selection

Les Nuits Magiques 29ème Festival International du Film d’Animation (Bègles, France)– Official Selection

TINDIRINDIS International Animation Film Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania)– Official Selection

EXGROUND Film Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany)– Official Selection

BANJALUKA International Animated Film Festival (Banjaluka, Serbia)– Official Selection 

Lublin Film Festival (Lublin, Poland)– Official Selection

CORTODINO Film Festival Dino de Laurentis (Napoli, Italy)– Official Selection 

IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival (Varna, Bulgaria)– Special Mention for Best National Film 

The Animattikon Project (Paphos, Cyprus)- Official Selection

Panama Animation Festival (Panama)– Official Selection

ALTER-NATIVE International Short Film Festival (Targu-Mures, Romania)– Official Selection 


MUMIA Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)- Official Selection 


PSIAF Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival & Expo (Palm Springs, United States)– Official Selection

Animation Marathon (Athens, Greece)– Official Selection

ANDIMOTION Bogota International Animation Film Festival (Bogotá, Colombia)– Official Selection 

ANIMATEKA International Animated Film Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia)– Non-Competitive Programme


Strasburg Film Festival (Strasburg, )United States


CutOut Fest International Animation and Digital Art Festival (Querétaro, Mexico)-Official Selection 

Lobo Fest – International Film Festival (Brazilia, Brazil)-Official Selection 

VERSI DI LUCE (Modica, Italy)-Official Selection 

Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival (Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India)– Best Director Award

Kinofilm 16th Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival (Manchester, United Kingdom)-Official Selection 

ICONA 2019 Animation Festival (Corfu, Greece)-Official Selection

International Film Festival of Larissa (Larissa, Greece)-Official Selection 

GOLDEN RHYTON Bulgarian Documentary and Animated Film Festival (Plovdiv, Bulgaria/ December 1, 2019)-Official Selection 


The BeBop Channel Content Festival (New York, United States)-Official Selection 


EUROPANORAMA 2020 – EUROPEAN FILM DAYS (Ljubljana, Slovenia)-Official Selection 

Chennai International Short Film Festival (Chennai, India)-Official Selection

Arch1 Festival of Film (London, United Kingdom)-Official Selection 

Vertigo Film Festival (Milan, Italy)-Best Animation Film

Vertigo Film Festival (Milan, Italy)-Best Screenplay

Spectral Film Festival (Stevens Point, United States)– Official Selection 

Asia South East-Short Film Festival (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)– Special Mention

Festival of Nations (Lenzing, Austria)– Official Selection

Tlanchana Fest – Digital Art and Film Festival (Valle de Bravo, Mexico)– Official Selection

 MEDIAWAVE – On The Road Film Festival (Győr, Hungary)– Award of Merit: Best On The Road Animation


MovieScreenPro Film Festival-Fan Award for Best Animation

Indie For You Film Festival-Best Experimental Animation


FLICKFAIR (Los Angeles, California, United States)-Official Selection


Near Nazareth Festival (Afula, Israel)-Official Selection

EMAP 2020: Ewha Media Art Presentation (서울특별시,Republic of Korea)-Official Selection


Flipbook Film Festival (Skopje, North Macedonia)-Official Selection


Cut & Clap – Indie Short Fest-Official Selection


XIX Macabro Horror Film Festival (Mexico City, Mexico)-Official Selection

Sax International Film Festival (Alicante, Spain)-Official Selection

International Short Film Festival Cine a la Calle (Barranquilla, Colombia)-Official Selection 

Cheongju International Short Film Festival (Cheongju,  Republic of Korea)– Official Selection 

Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities (Huntingdon, United States)-Official Selection 

Guayaquil International Film Festival (Guayaquil, Ecuador)-Silver Iguana for Best Animated Film 

Animation Volda Festival (Volda, Norway)-Official Selection 

KURSAAL FILM FESTIVAL SAN SEBASTIÁN (San Sebastián, Spain)-Official Selection 

CineLibri International Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria)-2nd Prize in Short Film Category

Canlandıranlar Film Festival (İstanbul, Turkey)-Official Selection

AniMate – Australia Animation Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)-Official Selection 

Pugnant Film Series (Athens, Greece)-Official Selection

ANIMAEVKA (Mogilev, Belarus)-Official Selection 

PREMIS’20 Animalcoi Awards (Alcoy, Spain)-Official Selection

13th CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL (Toro, Colombia)-Official Selection

Dramatica Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)-Best Animation Award 

STAR Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)-Best Animation Drama

SEE Film Festival Online Edition (Paris, France)-Best Animation Film

Festival del Cinema di Cefalù (Cefalù, Italy)-Official Selection

Dark Story Festival (Bilbao, Spain)-Official Selection

Shortcutz Viseu (Viseu, Portugal/ March 1, 2021)-Official Selection

T-Short Animated Film Online Festival (Germany)-Special Diploma

Dorset Indie Film Festival (Dorset, United Kingdom/ June 6, 2021)-Official Selection

VIP Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)-Official Selection

Best Director Award (London, United Kingdom/ April 30, 2021)-Official Selection 

EL GRITO DE LOS SIN VOZ (Logroño, Spain/ April 30, 2021)-Official Selection

Happy Valley Animation Festival (State College, PA, United States/ April 29, 2021)– Official Selection

Durban International Film Festival (Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa/ July 22, 2021)– Official Selection 

International Animated Film Festival Animator (Poznan, Poland/ July 9, 2021)– Official Selection

Best Istanbul Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey/ May 31, 2021)-Best Short Animation

Animation Film Festival STRIPED TALE (Los Angeles, United States)-Official Selection

Forum Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)-Official Selection 

Noble International Film Festival And Awards (Bengaluru, India/September 1, 2021)– Official Selection 

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival (Pristina, Kosovo/November 4, 2021) Official Selection

Directed by

Mira Yankova

Country of Origin





14 min