Border line is a complicated notion of our epoque. While we’re destroying economic borders we are underlining other “borders”. When you cross a borderline a World without bombing or guns, can be waiting for you. Many people lost their lives for crossing this line. War is a usual word of 21st century. Technological developments which erase distance, give opportunity to do what we want with one “click”. But at the same time, reality of war tears people from their families, their countries and their homes and it force people to survive in places that they don’t know. This chaos is so intertwined. The news of people whose lives have been turned upside down, as we continue our daily life habits, go through our lives when we scroll up the page. While war, immigration, hunger, etc., continues, on the one hand, life continues in the “normal” flow.

Hasan who is in the focus of our film, is a Syrian refugee. During the war in his country he lost his family and his home. All he has is some money, few clothes and an ID card which he doesn’t know what it’s for. On the beach that he was shored, life goes on as usual and nobody has even noticed Hasan’s abnormality.

Directed by

Özkan Bal

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