Why might a woman want to become a mother at any cost? And why might another not be interested in persons born using (and carrying) her dna? Two women – two strangers – set out their thoughts on the notion of motherhood, and the universe that surrounds it. Their parallel narratives share a similar starting point: both were involved in donation arrangements – the collection of genetic material at IVF clinics. Mommies centers on questions arising out of IVF treatments that make use of donated genetic material, and the women’s serapare narrations together form a singular discourse. Produced by the Onassis Foundation, the film Mommies sheds light on the unseen procedures and prime movers of the IVF industry in Greece.

Film Participations Awards

Krakow International Film Festival 2023 – World Premiere

Cast & Team

  • Assistant Director: Eleni Zentefi
  • Writer: Elvira Krithari, Maria Sidiripoulou
  • Production: Thunderbird Productions
  • Director of photography: Maria Sidiropoulou, Myrto Tzima
  • Editing: Alexandra Verykokkou
  • Sound: Sotiris Laskaris - Open Studio Post
  • Music: Yiannis Veslemes

Directed by

Elvira Krithari, Maria Sidiropoulou

Country of Origin




Production year



26 min.