Lexi has glossed over life without deep commitments or attachments. She joins the online dating world as a fun and easy way to meet people and spend her few nights in town. But what appears to be an exciting journey, soon becomes a draining loop. “Nexting” explores human connection, relationships, timing or rather the lack of the above as well as the question of how present we can actually be when we are constantly thinking about what better is hiding around the corner.

Film Participations Awards

Balkan Film Food Festival 2022- Winner/ Best Film 

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF) 2022-Winner/ Audience Award

Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2022- Winner/ Honorable Mention

OTB – Only The Best International Film Awards 2022- Winner/ Best Film (All Genres) Micro, Short Or Feature Film

Maverick Movie Awards 2021- Winner/ Best Ensemble Performance

Cast & Team

  • Cast: Ioanna Triantafilidou, Charlie Farrell, John Senese, Elias Scoufaras, Jeremiah Jahi, Gavin Lee, Benjamin Burt, Connor Tillman, Panos Vlahos, Kimonas Kouris, Synthia Batsi
  • Writers: Karina Logothetis, Joanna Fyllidou
  • Production: Mando Stathi, Dorothea Paschalidou, Myrto Stathi
  • Cinematography: Kostas Christides
  • Music: Kostas Christides, Apostolos Papapostolou
  • Sound: Vasilis Zlatanos

Directed by

Karina Logothetis

Country of Origin




Production year



11 min.