Sea, Soil, Asphalt



“Sea, Soil, Asphalt” is the story of Zeynep, who is a 16 years-old high- school student. What she loves to do most is to go fishing and that makes her an object of derision among her classmates because of the fish smell stuck on her. Every morning, she goes out fishing with the heirloom boat inherited by her father. Before she goes to the school, she sells the fishes to a fish store in the market. Her mother is disturbed by this situation and constantly complains about it. Zeynep seems to be quite lonely at the school. One day, after gym class, she gets bullied by the other girls in the class. Suffocated by the feeling that she belongs to nowhere, she goes to the only place where
she feels free. She seems to be relieved now, feeling like herself again reuniting with the sea. Yet one little surprise is on the way for her classmates.

Directed by

Egemen Yılmaz

Country of Origin