The Fountain



What happens to ordinary people when an empire collapses? 30 years ago, the Gagauzian minority living in the northern regions of the Black Sea was left abandoned in the middle of opposing political powers of Russia, European Union, Ukraine, Moldova, and Turkey. Today, Gagauzians have nothing other than their bonds to each other.  The Fountain is about the ceasing culture and language of the Gagauz people. It portrays the effects of the rise and fall of the Soviet Union on different generations while displaying the consequences of the vast social assimilation by following the daily lives of local families. The tradition of the Gagauz community is unique and preserved almost intact for centuries. However, it is rapidly fading now, as the elderly pass away.  Unfortunately, the fountain flows weaker and weaker  through the new generations.

Cast & Team

  • Cast: Daradur Family, Mutaf Family, Petiş Family
  • Writer: İlayda İşeri
  • Production: İlayda İşeri
  • Music- Sound: İlayda İşeri

Directed by

İlayda İşeri

Country of Origin




Production year



19 min.