The Lark

Psychology Drama


Iva (19) moves from her cozy home to a bustling Belgrade, where she finds her apartment in ruins. The first thing she sees after arriving is her childhood crush Vuk. That encounter gives her a painful headache and invokes blurry memories of repressed childhood trauma. Left to herself, the first time without her mother’s support, she starts testing the boundaries of freedom. Met with new challenges, she must accept newly found aspects of womanhood, and her past, so she can move on to a new life.

Film Participations Awards

Best Film Awards 2022– Winner / Best Short Film

Europa Film Festival 2022– Winner / Best Fiction

Toronto Feedback Film Festival 2022– Winner / Best Short Film

Cannes Film Awards 2022– Nominee / Best Short Film

Cast & Team

  • Cast: Snežana Dzogovic, Darko Ivic, Tanja Petrovic
  • Writer: Nadja Petrovic
  • Production: Luka Karadzuleski, Katarina Krstic, Tanja Zeba
  • Director of photography: Nemanja Stojkovic
  • Sound: Ivan Kostić, Tomislav Milenković, Lazar Dimitrijevic
  • Music: Lazar Ciganović, Lola Aralica

Directed by

Katarina Krstic

Country of Origin




Production year



30 min.