The Ordinary Eli



Short parallel between the people who are silent in everyday life and the fishes that live in silence and closed in an aquarium.  The whole story is a description of the inside state of the main character – Eli, a woman in her 50s who works in a museum as a security guard. She is very introvert and almost never talks. She secretly smokes, and her hobby is looking at touristic destinations and daydreaming about them. She has a pet fish. Every day she practices at home and gets ready to quit her job. Eli has a resigning speech prepared for her boss Milan, but doesn’t have the courage to speak up.  The loneliness of the modern man, the framed life, as living in a fish ball and the internal cry for freedom are the main motives of this short film. But the question is are they enough of a motive for Eli to leave her workplace and start living her life.

Film Participations Awards

Balkan Panorama Film Festival 2022– Nominee / Best National Short Film

Istanbul International Film Festival 2022– Nominee / Best Actress, Nominee / Best Short Film

Linz International Short Film Festival 2022– Nominee / Best Film, Nominee / Best Short Film, Nominee / Best Editing

Cast & Team

  • Cast: Izabela Novotni, Branko Atanasov, Matea Badarovska, Danica Georgievska, Kire Recijarevski, Kiril Penushliski, Tamara Ristoska, Suzana Stankovic
  • Writer: Lavinija Sofronievska
  • Producer: Ivana Shekutkoska, Petar Shimlesha
  • Cinematography: Vladimir Samoilovski
  • Editing- Sound Design: Martin Ivanov

Directed by

Lavinija Sofronievska

Country of Origin

North Macedonia


North Macedonia

Production year



16 min.