Interview with Konstantina Kotzamani

The 6th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival gave the Best Film 2015 Award to a female director, Konstantina Kotzamani, for the filmWashingtonia. The film convinced them with its visual poetry, the creative way of story telling and it’s very moving connection between a tree, a city and love. As, jury member, Marija Milovanovic states, in “Washingtonia” there is a special bond between the head and the heart, not only for humans. The head tells you what you have to do, but nevertheless…the heart will take what it wants.

We spoke with Konstantina trying to come closer to her world and inspiration.

From where did you get inspiration for the film?
The film started as a puzzle. It all started from a sense I had from Africa and the melody of the Greek song “I am bored” by Mary Lo. After that, everything was put in line and created the story. The palms, the giraffe, big and small hearts, characters, people, trees and animals.

The way the story plot is deployed was there from the beginning or it happened during the film creation process?
From the beginning I was thinking that the film would be a flow of characters and narratives. Of course in the meantime it was getting bigger and bigger without being able to see where it lures me. Lately, I watched Washingtonia and the film surprised me. The reason was that I had forgotten how I made it, which idea was first and which was second, how the one thing brought the other. Because when the film was happening there was no logical thinking.

Which is your opinion regarding the future of the film makers of the region and what about the role of the festivals?
It is hard to speak with numbers when it is for the Cinema. I believe in the power of every place to create images, stories and cinema using the available means. Festivals are really important especially if you consider that very few shorts reach the cinema theatres. Without festivals all this work would get lost in hard disks. It is true that they are still lost in a way but less.

If you want to see the trailers of the film here