“MIND THE GAP” | Dance Performance

Dagipoli Dance Co


Conception-choreography by George Christakis

12/12/2021, 18:00-19:30

as part of the 12th BBB Short Film Festival, ATHENS EDITION
Skin to (Screen to) Skin

Because…. Art and creation can make Disability Policy.

Because we break taboos, and create cracks in hard stereotypes.

Because we make upheavals, and open roads…


“Everything flows, nothing is left behind”

Marginal balances, displacements, vacuum dives.

The eternal journey of mind and soul.

“The body is not a raw unexpressed material.

The soul penetrates it and gives it light.

If you set it free, it is worthwhile to take the path that he has decided without anyone intervening.

Once man wants to get rid of his soul and once of his body .. It is very difficult for him to enjoy both.

“When man finds a way to make these two eternal elements summon and beloved, then he can live and walk undivided.”


“A scene is a field of conflict with ourselves, with our demons, with others, with the demons of others. A scene of hell … fire, a “fiery threshing floor.” But also a scene that eventually transforms into a blooming garden with the most beautiful flowers … that would never have become so beautiful, so fragrant, so unique, if not first they had gone through all this carnage. ”

Our work as a whole is a confrontational game that forces the viewer to step out of the comfortable position of the passive observer, to test his limits and endurance and to fight with his stereotypes and demons.

“We bent our legs to see the world from below, as plants, animals and children see it. We deliberately deformed the face, repelling the natural tendency for proper expression. When the body is freed from social bonds, amazing things start to happen “… ..Tatsumi Hijikata

lo0goDAGIPOLIDANCECo is a contemporary dance group.

It was created in May 2004 in Athens. The core of the group consists of disabled and not disabled people.

George Christakis, the inspirer and creator of this initiative, is himself a disabled person. The group includes other dancers, dancers and musicians as well as other professionals without any disabilities.

Throughout its course, the group was recognized and appreciated by the general public, both in Greece and abroad, participating equally in dozens of international festivals, as a contemporary dance group, without emphasizing and referring to the disability that was anyway more than obvious, presenting an average of 15 performances a year, with a frequency of one production about every year, in very large and important theaters. I mention by example: Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens Concert Hall, Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Benaki etc in Greece, but also in the famous “Teatro Piccolo”, in Milan, Italy, and in “The Kennedy Center”, in Washington, USA. A., in Moscow, Russia, in Istanbul, etc.


Conception-Choreography: George Christakis

Musical composition-performance: Christos Karnavas

Lighting: George Karakoulakis

Dancers: Fay Malama, Klito Tsigri, Fani Parli, Eleni Kontzila, Maria-Zoi Terzopoulou, Alekos Blatze, Sotiris Tachtsoglou, and George Christakis