Photo Marathon and Photo Exhibition: My Kypseli in 3 clicks 28/5/2022

On Saturday, May 28 2022, BBB organised one more activity of the BBB in the neighbourhood project, which runs for many years in the neighbourhoods of the city of Athens and is widely loved by the residents. 

In the context of “Culture in the Neighborhoods”, organized and implemented by the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Culture Net, from 12 to 29 May, in Kypseli, BBB organised the photo marathon “My Kypseli in 3 clicks” and a photo exhibition in the pedestrian street of Fokionos Negri with the photos of the Marathon. 

Our starting point for the Marathon was the pedestrian street out of the Municipal Market of Kypseli. The Marathon started early on Saturday morning and BBB gladly welcomed participants from different age groups, including professional photographers, members of photographic teams and students. Through the marathon, BBB tried to lead the participants to perceive the public space as an inspiration and to give them the opportunity to be creative through the power of the image.

Together we discovered the neighbourhoods, its secret corners, its people’s faces and its hidden treasures. Through the exhibition, the participants and the audience gathered and discussed about the contemporary face of the city and the neighbourhood.  At the same time, BBB promoted the work of the creative people and thought the power of image opened a fruitful discussion about public space.


Schedule of the photo-marathon:

10.30-11.00 Marathon registrations and instructions

11.00-14.00 Photography in the neighborhood of Kypseli.

13.00- 14.00: Return and delivery of the material to the organizers

14.00-17.00 Printing of photos

17.00 Setting up the photo exhibition

20.00 Opening of the exhibition


The exhibition took place in Fokionos Negri 42 on Saturday, 28/5 from 20.00 until Sunday at 23.00. The photographs captured three aspects of the city: the face of the city, the building of the city and the sentiment of the city. The participants photographed the public space from different perspectives, either literally by photographing actual faces or metaphorically by photographing distinguish graffiti portraits that are very famous in the area. Kypseli is presented as a colourful neighborhood, multinational and crowded. In the photos, we can see also some sociopolitical issues that concerns the residents, such as the prices of the houses.

Subsequently, the exhibition will be digitized and posted on the interactive map of the Balkans Beyond Borders, connecting the international audience with the area of Kypseli.




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