Workshop: A person is a person through other persons @ 9th BBB Short Film Festival

Our modern societies and the fast pace of life have undermined community socialization. People lack of trust and real connection to other people. Their main drive of action and being seem to be growth and profit oriented, promoting competitiveness instead of compassion and solidarity.

In the workshop “A person is a person through other persons”, we want to explore an alternative imaginary beyond competition and towards mutual concern, caring and sharing between and among us, as well as with our wider environment. We invite you to join us sharing life experiences of cooperation and learning more about the Ubuntu philosophy of Bantu speaking people in Africa.

The activities that will be presented have been developed under the STEP project. STEP is an 18-months Ca­pacity Building project that links active citizenship to formal education by drawing attention to the values of sustainability. It is trying to be critical towards the “culture of growth” by exploring alternative community mod­els and economies in Vietnam, Spain, Greece, Peru, Ghana, and Kenya.

This workshop is powered by Inter Alia. Inter Alia (IA) is a private not-for-profit organization based in Athens, Greece. Its activities are carried out by its two interconnected branches, a civic organization and a think-tank. Both branches have common aims and diverse tools for pursuing them. IA’s founders and members are interested and work on contemporary challenges of the EU with focus on democracy, citizenship, education, and human rights.

Venue: Academy of Arts
Date: 9/9/2018 13.00 – 15.00
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