BBB PHOTO CONTEST 2016: “Tagged” in a changing world

ThematicThe theme of this competition is influenced by last year’s massive refugee crisis where hundreds of thousands of people migrated to Europe. Throughout history, people are constantly in transition seeking change for a better future and choose to make a home somewhere unknown to them.

We are interested in exploring what cultural identity means and what it entails to immerse oneself in a foreign culture and to strive to assimilate in it. To also question what thisdoes to the social political landscape of the host country and the process people experience as they witness changes in their homeland. Individual cultural identity can be very personally complex and we are interested in your own individualistic approach and experiences within this context.

Multiculturalism VS stereotypes

Balkan Identity VS European Identity

Foreign VS National

Action: Take your camera or your phone and shoot the cultural diversity you live in!

When: 13 of October to 11 of November 2016

What: Submit your photo inspired by the different cultural identities in a changing world after going through the participation terms

Who: Passionate photographers (either amateur or professional)

How: Fill the Application Form or send e-mail to providing the following details: NAME, NATIONALITY, AGE, PROFESSION, PHOTO TAGLINE, PHOTO

Participation Terms: • Editing should be limited • Analysis 300dpi• All types of photos are welcome such as urban, portraits, street photography, action, macro etc having as main inspiration focus the cultural identity• Every photo must be accompanied with a line by the photographer: a word, a quotation or a personal thought or feeling• The contest is for adults without age limit

Jury: Eirini Vourloumis, photographer


Your voice counts!

1st stage

You can like, share and comment on the photos you prefer!

The 6 photos with the highest reach (number of likes, comments and shares) will go to the 2nd stage!

* BBB Team and the Jury, Eirini Vourloumis, will collect all submitted photos and judging upon the quality will publish the selected photos for the competition

2nd stage

You vote among the 6 selected photos the one you want to win. The photo with the highest number of likes will win!


There will be two different awards!

Jury Award:

The awarded photographer Eirini Vourloumis will select the Winner of the BBB PHOTO CONTEST 2016 among the 20 final photos.

The winner will have the opportunity to exhibit a selection of personal photos at the 6th BBB Short Film Festival in Sofia (in a joint exhibition with Eirini Vourloumis) and join the Festival

The winner will get a lomo camera from Lomography group of Athens!

Audience Award:

The audience award winner will get a lomo camera from Lomography group and a photography educational guide

The winner will have the opportunity to take a course at Sub.Urban Images & Soundscapes art space (possibility of course through Skype if the winner doesn’t stay in Greece)


JURY AWARD: Lily Alice Malena-Morin, a student from Canada that studies in Mostar.

Lily Alice Malena-Morin_fb

According to our Jury Eirini Vourloumis, “This photograph exemplifies the ideal use of light creating a cinematic quality (…) while vividly engages in this year’s theme of cultural identity by asking the viewer to question the relationship between the subjects and to imagine their personal histories and diverse realities in the context of the historically charged city of Sarajevo.”

According to the photo contest terms, the winner of the Jury gets as follows:
– A personal photo exhibition at the 7th BBB Short Film Festival in Sofia (in a joint exhibition with Eirini Vourloumis) and can join the Festival.
– A lomo camera from Lomography Greece

Audience Award: Arif Gokhan Rakici, who collected 317 likes for his photo with tagline:#united_in_diversity

Arif Gokhan RAKICI (1)


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Competition Press Kit

Greek Press Release (here)