Extension of the Call for Entries for the 12th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival – “Skin to (Screen to) Skin”

Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) announces the extension of the submissions period for the 12th edition of Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival until the 10th of June and become part of the BBB experience in Pristina. This year we get and give inspiration from the topic: Skin to (Screen to) Skin.

Who is eligible to participate at the 12th BBB Short Film Festival

We invite young filmmakers to get inspired by this year’s topic and share their film with us until the 10 of June. We accept all film genres (fiction, animation, experimental and documentary shorts, as well as video art) with duration up to 30 minutes.

Eligible short film submissions are:

  • short films from filmmakers up to 35 years old or older than 35 under the condition that their submitted film is their debut
  • filmmakers with their origin from a Balkan country or/and their film to be a Balkan production and
  • short films connected to the festival’s topic.

All short film submissions will go through our pre-selection committee which consists of young professionals from the film industry ensuring a strong quality programme which will cover all aspects of this year’s theme. The final Jury Team consisting of well-known professionals from the film industry will give the BBB BEST FILM award which gets 1000 euros as well as the BBB FIRST ENTRY award and three Special Mentions. Last but not least the audience will vote for their favourite film selecting the winner of the BBB Audience Award.

We build upon the title: Skin to (Screen to) Skin taking inspiration by the connection and the disconnection we faced during the pandemic of 2020 which broke for some the global life, but made us realise more than ever our common heritage and our common vulnerability. In 2020 we experienced loneliness, suffocation, isolation. We lost touch and we lost the beauty of reading the lips. It definitely was all about image. We invented numerous ways to get re-connected and technology was the key in eliminating this physical distance. Was it enough? In 2021 we won’t go back to globality as we used to know it but we want to reconnect with our origins, the land, nature and our senses.

What is BBB Short Film Festival

“Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival” is the only Festival that travels every year in a different city, and it is one of the very few short film festivals focusing on the Balkan countries. It provides the ground for building bridges between various actors and supporting the interaction of the new generation of artists with various institutions from the Balkan cultural industry in order to be promoted at a European level. It is also a unique festival because every year it has a different inspirational topic raising awareness on contemporary issues and trends of the time in order to strengthen the dialogue and the knowledge about the region. After visiting 10 different cities in the Balkans and the EU, featuring over 450 Balkan and over 260 non-Balkan short films, inviting more than 150 participating directors, guest speakers, BBB Ambassadors and local partners in every city the BBB Short Film Festival is a hub for productive networking and cooperation among the region’s stakeholders.

The destination for the 12th  Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival will be Pristina, Kosovo where we are going to expand the BBB growing community of artists, researchers, journalists, and partners in the region.

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