Gala of Curiosities

29-30 October 2021

Gala of Curiosities

Parallel activity of the 12th Edition BBB Short Film Festival, Pristina


The Gala of Curiosities is a networking event that functions as a cultural networking hub, and an artistic space that will raise awareness about the “traditions in the transition” of European local communities, as  part of the Creative Europe project “ECHO II: Traditions in Transition”. Five Art Residencies in the Balkan region were organised by the European cultural project ECHO II, in 2020- 2021. 

Under this framework an art exhibition which features digital reproductions of artworks created by the participating artists of the ECHO II project, will take place from Friday 29 to Saturday 30 October at the Gallery of Faculty of Arts of the University of Pristina. 

Exhibition Opening: Friday 29.10 at 16.00

Opening Hours: 16.00 – 18.00

Additionally, a discussion (upon invitation only) will be held between artists and professionals from the cultural and creative sector of the city of Pristina and the Balkan region. The artists-in-residence are invited to Pristina to present their artistic practice and to share their approach and thoughts on the traditions and their way through the years as well as the cultural heritage of the Balkans with the local audience.

Through the exhibition, BBB attempts to familiarize the local audience with the artworks created during the residencies of the ECHO II, and consequently with the local traditions of the different regions that have been their source of inspiration. The invited artists will be present at the exhibition’s opening in order to discuss with the audience about their work. In addition, through the use of QR-codes in the labelling, the exhibition functions as a “physical portal” leading to the ECHO II website, an open-access cultural repository, which includes information on the selected local traditions, and all the digitized copies of all the artworks created during the programme. 

The discussion brings artists and professionals from the cultural and creative sectors together to participate actively in a productive dialogue. Participating artists are divided in groups per residency and discuss with one of the each professional of the cultural and creative sector. The discussion’s starting point is the artistic creation in relation to the complexity and the uniqueness of every tradition. BBB invites the artists to share their thoughts and experiences during the residences on the impact of the traditions in contemporary everyday life and the identity of the regions they visited. In addition, professionals from the cultural and creative sector are invited to comment on the dynamic character of traditions and their preservation, especially in recent years as emphasized by international and European cultural policies.  The discussion aims to empower the artist to evolve their concepts and ideas and promotes cross-national collaborations. Overall, the discussion reflects on the contemporary perception of tradition and its recontextualization.

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Balkans Beyond Borders 

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Biennale of Western Balkans  


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