BBB Bests 2019 Go Online 5/2020

We feel closer to you when we share with you! So, we decided to bring at home a selection of BBB Awarded short films from the 10th BBB Festival edition under the programme: “BBB Bests Go Online”. The 10th edition of BBB Short Film Festival that took place in Athens 17-20 October 2019 was inspired by the thematic “e-motion”.  We consider our world as an open space where the issue of translocality is important in the process of transmitting and accommodating knowledge, memories, experiences and sentiments. In this sense, we believe that e-motion can bring change and emotions to our life.

The “BBB Best 2019 Go Online” programme will last from 1/05 to 06/05.

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Check the online screenings programme below and stay tuned!

To Mati, Stergios Dinopoulos

BBB Audience Award 2019 [Available: 01 & 02/05]

Versus, Enes Foçi

BBB First Entry Award 2019 [Available: 02 & 03/05]

OFFSTAGE, Andrei Huțuleac

BBB Special Mention 2019 [Available: 03 & 04/05]

9BED(s), Ismene Daskarolis

BBB Special Mention 2019  [Availablae: 04/05 – 05/05]

Fundaments, Peter Cerovšek

BBB Special Mention 2019 [Available: 05/05 – 06/05]