Interactive workshop powered by Inter Alia at the 9th BBB Short Film Festival

Our modern societies and the fast pace of life have undermined community socialization. People lack trust and real connection to other people. Their main drive of action and being seem to be growth and profit-oriented activities, promoting competitiveness instead of compassion and solidarity. BBB committed to its goal to raise dialogue among the youth  in line […]


If we only deserved an end

The history is written by those who win, but in love, it’s completely different. Stories are told by the ones who are being left; they are the ones who make movies about love, which is completely logical since art comes from pain. The short films that were shown on the second night of Balkans Beyond […]

bbb interview ado

BBB Interview with the filmmaker Ado Hasanovic

The 8th BBB Short Film Festival gave the Audience Prize 2017 to the fiction short film “Pink Elephant”  which is an Italian production by Ado Hasanovic who is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The audience that attended the Festival distinguished Ado’s film who participates at BBB Festival for 3rd time. We spoke with Ado in order to […]


5 Film Festivals around Europe not to be missed this autumn!

Whether you are a filmmaker or “just” a movie enthusiastic who loves combining passion with travelling, you should keep an eye on these Film Festivals! They are all going to take place this autumn around Europe so you have plenty of time ahead to start deciding and organizing your next trip. Cyprus International Short Film […]

Konstantina Kotzamani- Washingtonia

Washingtonia – a unique portrait of a city and the hidden everyday life of its people

 The title “washingtonia” of Konstantina Kotzamani’s short film is a kind of a tropical palm tree, native to the southwestern United States. It was one of the types of palm trees that Athens imported during the Olympic Games in 2014 in order to make the Olympic city much more exotic and appealing to all of […]


 “Dreams on Sale”: the Power of Dreaming in Today’s Society

“I never dream”. How many times have we heard this sentence from friends, relatives or people we barely know? Truth is that everybody dreams. This doesn’t mean that everybody are always able to remember what they dreamt about. Personally, it doesn’t happen very often and when I do remember I cannot quite put into words […]