One Day Conference: Young Europeans searching alone 12/3/2014

BBB co- organized as part of the YIA funded programme “Seeing other countries”, the one-day conference with title: Young Europeans searching alone. A conference about young unemployed people, mobility in European Union and Nationalism. The event took place on Wednesday the 12th of March at 17:00 in Athens at the Europe Direct center in Athens, Akadimias 50.  “Seeing Other Countries” aims to promote the mobility of young people within the European Union, and investigate the connection between youth unemployment, mobility and the advance of far-right populist and nationalist movements across Europe. 


The conference aspired to trigger the open dialogue between young people and politicians, academics, journalists and officials that will be invited. The goal of the programme is to debate upon the connection between unemployment and immigration as well as the rise of nationalism and build new practices regarding mobility and employability.

For this reason it invited a wide range of speakers in order to cause dialogue and raise awareness upon the existing possibilities for not searching alone in Europe in order to find a job and start a new life.



Tzortsis Ioannis


Antonis Kailis:

Brief Greeting showing support to the project

from the Public Relationships responsible

for the European Council in Greece

Manolis Glezos: Unemployment and fascism during the years of dictatorship (journalist, politician, writer)

Vassilis Karydis: Moral Panic and creation of “enemies” (Assistant of The Greek Ombudsman for the Human Rights)

Foteini Asderaki: Brain drain or Brain Gain?, (Lecturer at the International and European Relations Department of University of Piraeus)

Dimitris Maragkos: Mobility opportunities through Erasmus+ (Communication Manager of IKY- State Scholarships Foundation)

Rontogianni Veroniki: Personal experience of mobility (Project Manager)


 Watch the event on Seeing Other Countries Youtube channel 


Entrance Free

The project is a collaboration between Global Challenge and JEF Sweden in Sweden, and the Municipality of Athens and the NGO Balkans Beyond Borders in Greece. The project is formally launched with the anti-fascist youth conference in Athens on the 12th of March. This will be followed by in-depth interviews and surveys conducted among young people in Sweden and Greece. The results will be used in the the compilation of a European job search manual targeted at young people.

The project is co-financed through the European Youth in Action Programme.