TALK TO ME- Youth Exchange Programme

TALK TO ME- A cultural meeting between young Greeks and Turks in Kos island

BBB organized a 9-days Exchange Programme between young people from Greece and Turkey on the island of Kos (Greece) from Friday 27/9/2013 till Sunday 6/10/2013. The Programme was built around 3 pillars: filming, journalism and culture & history. The activity was organized under the framework of the Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.1.

“Talk to me” project was created in order to provide an open communication channel between 16 Greek and Turkish young people. The exchange took place at the island of Kos in the end of September 2013.

The island of Kos was specially selected as it is situated in the borderline between Turkey and Greece and as a result it consists at the same time a borderline of EU. Historically, the island is a crossroad of civilization where the Greek, the European and the Ottoman elements coexist side to side.

Within this framework the program’s goal was the reinforcement of the intercultural dialogue and the cooperation between the young people, thus the future citizens of the EU. In order to open a communication channel between the participants of the two countries the knowledge and the practical skills were promoted through the use of non-formal education. Furthermore, they participated in thematic interactive seminars regarding the aspects of religion, volunteerism and growth within the “crisis” context. In the same time, their cooperation was promoted with the creation of a short film documentary as a product of the exchange programme, with the subject the multiculturalism and the touristic growth of the island.

The youth exchange programme “Talk to me” was implemented in September 2013 and its duration was eight days (27/09/2013 έως 06/010/2013). It took place in the island of Kos and 16 young people from Greece and Turkey participated. It was funded by the European Union and the Youth in Action programme and costed a total 11.694,00 euros.