BBB PHOTO MARATHON- Living in… “City-mmetry”

As parallel activity of the 6th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival – Living in «City-mmetry», a Photo Marathon will take place on the29th of October which will start from the venue of the Festival the sports & culture space WE, 3is Septemvriou and GR. Lambraki Str at 11.00am and will end at 5.00pm. The Photo Marathon is a co-organizaiton between BBB and  the Photography Community of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.  The participants will have to take in 6 hours, 6 photos related to the 6 subjectsthey will receive after their subscription. The 6 subjects will be inspired by the general topic of the festival which is the city, the geometrical representations in it and the urban life.

After the completion of the Marathon the photos will be exhibited during the 3 days of the Festival 30/10-1/11 at the venue. The audience will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite photographer. At the Award Ceremony of the Festival which will take place on the 1st of November at 21.00 two Awards there will be given: Best Photographer Prize which will be selected by the Jury team of the Photography Community of the Aristotle University and the Audience Photo Prize.

With this activity BBB aspires to reveal another viewpoint of how we perceive the city, the public space, the relations, the interrelations  and everything that constitutes the city and urban life. We want to give inspiration to the youth and motivation to express themselves while they become active part of a unique experience.

One of its kind, Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival travels every year in a different Balkan city tackling topics of contemporaneity and focuses on new regional productions, functioning as a stage of supporting and promoting young and emerging filmmakers. This year the Festival tackles the theme of urban life and its geometries: a point of reference: a common space for multiple identities that develop and get defined by historical, urban, political and societal memories. During the three days of the festival many interactive and parallel activities take place such as: round tables, workshops, cultural walks, networking events, music events, parties etc. After a 5 years journey in the Balkans: Belgrade, Athens, Tirana, Bucharest and Sarajevo it is time for Thessaloniki to host the Festival.

–> Subscriptions start at 11:00am at WE. Participation Cost is 5€.

For more information regarding the full programme of the Festival , Facebook (Balkans Beyond Borders) and Twitter (BalkansBB).

If you want to express you interest for the Marathon please send us an e-mail to: under the subject BBB Photo Marathon or fill the form in order to facilitate the subscription process.

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