BBB WALK – “Discovering Thessaloniki’s industrial heritage”

During the 6th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, BBB Walk took place as parallel activity on Sunday 1st of November in co-operation with the organization dot2dot which is based in Thessaloniki. Inspired by this year’s topic, Living in… “City-mmetry”,BBB aspires to offer alternative activities during the Festival in order to engage young people to experience the city and understand public space in a different way. You have to experience it!!

With this walk at the industrial heritage of the city, the participants had the opportunity to discover a less known but equally important area of Thessaloniki: the western side which includes the industrial monuments and sites associated with the industrial, commercial and economic activity of the city in the 19th and 20th century. Buildings that were once called “The industrial palaces of the 19th century” give us the opportunity to see what was happening in Thessaloniki in the previous centuries. We look at how the machinery worked, how the workers protested and how the city was modernized.

During the Festival days BBB Team organized an alternative tour in collaboration with the team Dot2dot at the Upper City of Thessaloniki (Ano Poli) for their guests including film makers, BBB ambassadors and parnters. Guests of BBB had the opportunity to explore the city of Thessaloniki through an alternative way enjoying the sun, history and walking at the most typical neighborhood of Thessaloniki city.

About dot2dot

Dot2dot was born in 2013 in Thessaloniki. It is a cultural company that organizes cultural activities such as themed walks and alternative routes in the city and nearby archaeological sites, educational programs for educational and social organisations, as well as cultural and artistic workshops and events for kids and adults. The modus operandi of its 5 members is focused on interdisciplinary collaboration. Their aim is to show the many different aspects of  a city, like Thessaloniki, to foster communication between citizens and visitors, creative expression through art and to promote city’s creative workforce through the exchange of ideas and the collaboration within a network of cooperation.

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