BBB goes to Malta at the “Youth work with a difference” training course 09/2019

BBB was one of the partners of the ‘Youth work with a difference’ training course in Malta which was organised by Active Youth Malta from the 1st till the 7th of September.  The two Greek participants, Eleni Vantana and Spyridoula Loukopoulou, along with youth workers from 11 different nationalities took part and had a great opportunity attending this training course.  


Youth Theatre training

The main aim of the course was to raise awareness on Youth Theatre, as an innovative, creative and non- formal way of learning that can boost enthusiasm of young people. During the six days of the training the participants had the chance to learn about the Youth Theater, its techniques but also to design, lead and test their own workshop. The topics of the workshops, such as gender issues, body language and communication skills, youth theatre in higher education, caused very interesting discussions between the participants. Throughout these activities, participants had the chance to discuss with each other, to share some personal stories and started feeling comfortable around each other.

The partner organisations were: Powered by NRG(UK), Perpetuum Mobility e. V. (Germany), EduEra (Slovakia), Youth Initiative Centre (Armenia), NGO Civil Forum – Youth Org “ Start Now” (Georgia), NGO “Council of Young Scientists” (Ukraine), EA “World- Our Home” (Latvia), Career Development and Training Association (Bulgaria) and Dare to take your chance (Romania).

Thoughts and feelings of the training course

Overall, those seven days of the training were full of joy and learning. “We gained fundamental knowledge on youth theatre and all agreed that it is an experiential way of learning, which can raise the voice of young people who suffer from any kind of imposed pressures”, Spyridoula mentions.  Eleni adds that “We also learned through experiencing new techniques and reflecting on them, and this is the power of Youth theatre.” Twenty-eight people from 11 different countries came together to share the same passion, the passion for social change and promised that will keep fighting for that!